Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More and More Ink

I think the guy who can't get a job because he has too many tattoos needs to move Sweden where they will declare having tattoos a disability and he can get a job where they will allow him to get tattoos while he works and pay for half his salary.

This is actually a serious issue. This guy does not want to face the consequences of his own actions and is now trying to get someone to force companies to hire him. Everyone knows that the weirder you look, the more uncomfortable other people are going to be in dealing with you. They're thinking about what other abnormalities in personality you might have; violence, for instance. You may think that it is their problem--but you'd be wrong. Especially if you're trying to convince people that they should pay you.

How many summer interns have I seen that should have had great opportunities ahead of them--except that they decided to have their body modified in a really bizarre way. I recommend record stores and beauty supply stores once you've gone that route. A friend of mine had a hair stylist with an infinity sign tattooed ON HIS FOREHEAD!! He would complain, "I don't understand why people look at me like I'm a freak." Because, pal, you invited it.

It certainly isn't as though one can love tattoos and have them in a way that won't interfere with getting a job. Check out this site on Irezumi. Note how the tattoos end below the neck and above the wrists. One long-sleeve button up shirt and you can be hired and doing well before anyone even knows!

There is the whole other issue of companies being able to hire the people that they want. They have an obligation to their customers to present a professional place of work where the customers are comfortable and where the employees reflect the ethic of the company. The company shouldn't be forced to violate the trust of their customers or go against their own interests.

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