Monday, June 25, 2007

John Fund is Out in Left Field

Opinion Journal (by the Wall Street Journal) has an Op-Ed by John Fund: Does it matter that Mitt Romney is a Mormon? To some extent--but it shouldn't.

In a day and age when Congress and the Executive branch have seized more and more power for themselves, we all need to worry about the type of person who is elected.

Being an atheist, one of the most reviled types of political candidates, one might think I would defend religious tolerance hoping to have tolerance for politicians of my belief system. Wrong! If people are afraid an atheist wouldn't be moral enough for them--it would be up to the atheist to prove them wrong.

That people were concerned that the Catholic church could influence the governance of America with the election of a Catholic in good standing like John Kennedy was completely valid. This was only underscored when John Kerry was threatened with having communion withheld because he would not allow his personal religious beliefs to affect the freedoms of other people who may wish to have an abortion.

Just because someone believes in something called a religion does not automatically make that belief above analysis. If a pagan (self-identified witch, for instance), or satanist (hedonist?), or scientologist wanted to be elected, we have every right to wonder if their religion would compel them to pass laws based strictly upon their beliefs and impose their beliefs on the rest of the public. Plus, let's face it, if they were one of those fringe groups with weird beliefs that no one else liked--couldn't we ask whether a person who might believe in those things SHOULD be elected?

As far as the attacks on Mitt Romney by televangelists--I can tell you who I wouldn't be voting for and whose religious beliefs mean that they are trying to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of America (the televangelists, in case it wasn't obvious). Why shouldn't Mitt Romney, or anyone else, be held accountable for what they believe? Aside from the experience they've already shown in office, it is one of the other tangible proofs we have of what they believe, how they think, and what matters most to them.

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