Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Critter Patrol

I mentioned below that Aaron bought himself a BB gun, but didn't mention why. Well, a few weeks ago I woke up at 2 AM and noticed a really loud crunching sound outside of the open upstairs window. It was too creepy to go back to sleep--it sounded like footsteps in gravel. We don't have gravel in the back yard, and no reason to expect anyone to walk around at 2 AM. I decided to investigate.

I went downstairs and immediately noticed something moving outside of the sliding glass door leading to the back porch. I turned on the back yard light to see two huge raccoons pawing through a trash bag Aaron had left on the back porch. That certainly cured Aaron of leaving trash on the back porch (for now), but now the raccoons have been try to actually knock over the large trash bins. Don't ask me how he knows this, but that's what Aaron claims!

Ever since our friend Bill mentioned that he used his air gun to dissuade squirrels from eating his house, Aaron has been fascinated with the idea. So now he's on nightly patrols! Every night, after putting the kids to bed, he'll take his BB gun over his shoulder and walk around outside of the house with a flashlight just waiting for some animal to just dare to take on the trash. Here's to the great hunter and protector!

Talk about tangling with wildlife, here's a man who strangled a bobcat with his bare hands while it attacked him. The bobcat was rabid!

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