Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bucking the Trend

According to this report (from Arts and Letters Daily), naming your baby is stressful, expensive, and means constantly asking everyone else their opinions.

Since I am four months pregnant, my husband and I are also trying to pick baby names. I'm a) old-fashioned and b) keeping things simple. After running through the enormous list of names that were a possibility (Richard, Matthew, Johnation, Michael, etc), I turned to my husband and said "OK, my father is James, my great-grandfather was Charles, you're Aaron, you're father is Neil--let's just pick a family name and make it simple." My father was named for his father and my brother was named for his father. I think it is nice to name a boy for his father. I think this finally convinced Aaron and so far we're looking at Aaron James. I think Aaron has decided that he likes it alot because he's even picked out a nickname: AJ.

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