Sunday, June 17, 2007

Actual Defense of Removing Governments from Schools in a Local Weekly

As a history, the Connecticut Department of Education (DOE) and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) have been working together, along with local Boards of Education (BoE) to report families who do not follow the requests of the BoE to DCF for investigation into truancy and Educational Neglect (an official term of abuse, nebulously defined, by the DCF). The problem is that the law in Connecticut does not support the 'requests' from the BoE--so even though a homeschooling parent is following the letter of the law, the school boards will still report the families to DCF for education neglect. Some articles:

An article on

An article in the Hartford Courant
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School Arrest: Compulsory education is a draconian, state-sanctioned punishment

"Suppose a child hasn’t been adequately taught how to read and write. Is that educational neglect? Sixteen percent of all adults in Connecticut—more than half a million people—are functional illiterates, according to a 2001 municipal report for the town of Hartford. Meanwhile, Joseph Heranes, a homeschooled 14-year-old from Avon, just tied for third place in the national spelling bee. How many public school students can spell punaise, furfuraceous, or triticale? How many private school students?

"Suppose a child hasn’t been taught astronomy or chemistry or biology or creative writing. Any of those assumptions apply equally well to a large fraction of public and private school students. Should they be taken away from their parents for educational neglect as well?"

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