Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Progressive Group Calling for More Regulation

Think Progress has a report under the "Radical Right Wing Agenda" proposing solutions to the domination of talk radio by conservatives. According to this site, it's not as simple as reintroducing the fairness doctrine (which would ignore any opinions other than 'democrat' and 'republican' and probably throw libertarians in with republicans). They think that getting a more diversified ownership, in terms of gender and race, will lead to more liberal-leaning opinions. Of course they assume this because most blacks and single women are a core democratic voting block. This is a typical belief of liberals--forgetting that people are not just their skin-color or their gender and are not controlled by those factors. And though it is stated as a myth, most business people, including talk radio, are in business to make money for themselves and their shareholders, if any. Very few people who go into business do it to promote their own political agendas. If they do, and it is successful enough for them to stay employed, then great. Mostly, though, I think they want to stay employed and make money.

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