Friday, June 29, 2007

13 Cool Jobs

All done by men. I don't normally care about this kind of thing, but it just points out how few women work in technologically related fields. I had a really cool job before I quit. I was involved in high-precision robotic polishing of optics.

After having my children, I really began to understand why so many women would be happy with jobs like teaching and nursing. The flexibility and the hours are (generally--don't get so worked up) so much more accomodating to family life. I'm comparing it to my 40 hour-a-week job that often included overtime and on-call hours.

Everyone's heard of the Hubble telescope--I worked for the company that messed it up! Shortly after I got to the company, I was shown a large canvas that the company had comissioned that showed a man floating in space looking out toward the stars (get it? Hubble gave man the ability to see the stars directly--just like we were in space). Everyone loved to relay the story that one day, after the mirror's flaw had been discovered, the company was greeted to this huge canvas with a comic pair of glasses placed on the figure.

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