Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Into the Dark Recesses of the Pit

That is where I have relegated my other blog--the one specifically geared for homeschoolers. I should have researched the owners first, but once I realized that the owner was some Christian homeschooling movement, it has hit the road.

Speaking of other Christian homeschooling movements that I've decided to kick to the curb, let's talk about HSLDA for a moment. HSLDA is the Homschooling Legal Defense Association. There are two very famous legal consulting groups designed to help homeschoolers for a minimal fee. One is National Home Education Legal Defense started by a homeschooling mom in Connecticut. The other is HSLDA (note the lack of link--I won't be making it easy for people to find). HSLDA has hard-core theocracy in mind. They are pushing for a home education amendment to the constitution primarily to get the word 'God' into the constitution as the source of rights.

Every person with an inkling of freedom will understand the danger that this type of organization could pose.

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