Monday, February 05, 2007

Reading Enjoyment

For the past few months, Elisa has really blossomed as a reader. She prefers reading to most anything else--during school hours. After school hours, it's bracelet making, entrepeneurship, friends, sister, playing colonial time or Princess Eleanor of Aquitaine, and pet-loving.

She has read The Spiderwick Chronicles, Judy Moody, Judy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor Is In, Judy Moody Predicts the Future, The Trouble with Tink, Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Heidi, Disney Girls: Gum Race - Book #11 (Disney Girls), Viking Ships At Sunrise (Magic Tree House 15), and The Absolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone Park With The Terrible Rupes.

She's half-way done Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine (The Royal Diaries).

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