Sunday, January 14, 2007

Websites My Kids Enjoy

Sometimes my two kids like to play on the computer. It's not often and always in the evening.
  • Star Doll Paper Doll Heaven This site allows kids to pick a celebrity to dress and provides a posed color drawing on the screen. On the other side of the screen are the wardrobe options that can be clicked and dragged onto the picture. There are fancy clothes, casual clothes, accessories and even different hair colors.
  • Everything Girl Home to, and any number of other girlie sites. Both girls like this, but the five-year-old is pre-reading and needs help navigating the pages.
  • Sesame Street Sesame street has some great games for non-readers. Elmo's limbo (requires some mousing skill), keyboard-o-rama (a lapware game good for even babies--just hit almost any key on the keyboard for something to happen--also involves phonics), and Zoe's Peek-A-Boo (another lapware game where Zoe, Elmo, or Bib Bird come out of hiding and play peek-a-boo when a key is pressed). My younger can now use this site almost independently if I get her started. She understand to press next game to move onto something different.
  • Super Kids Logic-Based Games The Super Kids site has some nice games for my second grader. There is a heavily advertisement laden pop up window for the games, so a nice lesson prior to leaving your kid on their own is 'NEVER click on an ad'. This is a good practice to instill now. My 13 year-old step-daughter has seen how the computer can become unusable due to the number of pop-up ads installed. We had to reinstall the operating system twice!
  • Up To 10 Up to 10 has a really cute site. We have adapted some of their songs for our routines. There are flash animations to music that are interesting for even the youngest with their parents navigation help.

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