Sunday, January 14, 2007

VanDamme Academy Remote History Program

My daughter is taking the Remote History Course for lower elementary students offered by The VanDamme Academy. I was so excited about this course that I choose it over satellite or cable TV (I couldn't afford both TV and history). The Remote History Program lectures are very in-depth with a lot of detail. My daughter has found history fascinating ever since her Montessori school started with The Story of the World Volume 1.

The history lectures are run by teleconference and we call a California number Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (I'm very happy with Vonage by the way--the only way I could afford the phone call) to talk to the history teacher and the two other students who participate in the lecture live. There are a number of students who listen to the lectures as a supplement to whatever other schooling they're receiving during the day. I check my e-mail before class to see if there are any pictures to have ready for the lecture. After class the teacher will post notes for the students to copy covering what was discussed during the class. This same teacher also has a history course for upper elementary level students.

This school currently has a physics course for sale (middle-school aged children) and a free e-mail newsletter. Articles published by Lisa VanDamme (director of the school) can be found in The Objective Standard or purchased in lecture format from The Ayn Rand Bookstore.

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