Thursday, June 23, 2005

Disgusting and debilitating

I cannot contain my revulsion at the most recent supreme court ruling. The most magnificent development of the 18th century and America was the concept of property rights. This throws everything in the garbage. I have seen homes and land seized for the tunnel in Atlantic City (so that Philadelphia visitors can get to Brigantine more easily without passing through some of the worst neighborhoods), for road expansion (currently happening in front of my parents house in Cologne, NJ) and new shopping centers. This is a blatant upheaval of the foundations of our country and rule of law. If it were not for the importance of this building brick, this kind of talk might be dismissed. Property ownership cannot be underestimated! I certainly hope that any justice who leaves the Supreme Court is one that was part of the majority in this decision and I hope the Congress does everything in its power to appoint strict originalists.

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