Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Batman is Always a Favorite

Pow! Blam! Holy 60's TV shows! Batman the Movie is a great way to relive the TV series we all stayed tuned to the same bat time and the same bat channel to watch. It has all of the actors we have come to know from the series and is full of even more humor and parody. As I was watching this tonight on the Fox Movie Channel, I could not help but think that this lends itself to a drinking game as well as any Star Trek movie. Here is my take on possible rules:

When to drink:

Whenever anyone says 'Holy _____'.
Any time some scientific theory or discovery is mentioned.
Any time anyone is dehydrated or rehydrated.
Any time words accompanying physical blows are written on the screen.
Whenever there is a riddle.
Whenever Cat Woman meows.
Whenever Penguin uses his umbrella to joust or blow smoke.
Whenever Joker pulls a prank.
Whenever anyone says 'Yo Ho'.

I am sure that I will shortly own this movie--so there may be other rules later (the ones above I am sure will suffice).