Saturday, August 14, 2004

Bloggers--Investigative Journalism

I became very interested in blogs after hearing so much about them during the Democrat National Convention. I have been an avid follower of the Opinion Journal's Best of the Web for quite a number of years at this point (is there a James Taranto fan club?). Of course, Instapundit has been called the 'blogfather' and has recently celebrated his third year. Instapundit and Captain's Quarters have taken their amateur journalistic tendencies seriously enough that they have piloted the helm in investigating the the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth allegations in the TV commercial, website and book, Unfit to Command. What I find most interesting is not that the allegations are true or false (I find it relevant, but not surprising that Kerry has lied) but their doggedness in persuing the facts and presenting a coherent case. This is a good example, as is this. Both links include scans of back-up documentation to help determine whether there is a basis of fact for the Unfit to Command claims (at least in this instance, John O'Neill, author of Unfit to Command, is certainly proven right). I cannot underscore enough how seeing these two pursuing these charges against Kerry has changed my take on the two minute segments based on 'he said, she said' with no facts presented--only the packaged facts mass media find from unsubstantiated, supposedly objective experts or press releases. My thanks to Instapundit and Captain Ed.

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