Friday, August 13, 2004

Amateur Objectivist

I think my most consistent interest in the past few years has been Objectivism. By consistent, I in no way mean in-depth. Thus the title of the post. We have a group that meets every week to discuss topics from an Objectivist viewpoint and also points of Objectivism itself. The discussion last night (of which I was the least knowledgeable) included perception of causality. The main topic, dominating a good two-thirds of our three hour meeting was Dr. Leonard Peikoff's endorsement of John Kerry. In the realm of enthusiasm, it was an understated endorsement and a strident disavowal of W. He references an article written by John Lewis, PhD. Lewis's article is entitled The Threat of a Faith-Based Defense of America.

Using his DIM theory, Peikoff substantiated his backing of Kerry. This is the subject of Peikoff's recent work. Courses of DIM, taught by Peikoff, have been given. We were fortunate to have as guests last night two philosophy grad students from U of Penn. He explained that DIM stands for Disintegration, Integration, and Misintegration. Peikoff's web site describes D1 and M2 as they relate to his opinions of Kerry (D1) and Bush (M2):

For purposes of this excerpt, listeners unfamiliar with DIM can equate 'D1' with the advocate of a mixed economy, and 'M2' with the advocate of totalitarianism.

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