Wednesday, August 18, 2004

50s Homemaking

I have a fascination for 1950s and earlier American culture. I love going to library book sales and finding books like "How to be a Perfect Housewife" and "Teaching Home Economics." I believe that my interest in this stems from liking crafts--which is how I discovered women-centered, old books--and from realizing that these books had gems of wisdom.

Such points as:

  • Be sure to build up good credit so you can get a loan in case you need it to pay for medical expenses (what a change of concept from 'assume that your health insurance, or others, should and will pay for all necessary medical care').
  • A woman who only saves her best looks, manners and housekeeping for company is saying that she cares less about her family's comfort and opinion of her than she does of total strangers. Point being to make an effort to look nice and keep up the house for you and your family, not to put your 'alone' manners out for public consumption.

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